Top Ten Fortune 500 Companies (Pt II) -

Top Ten Fortune 500 Companies (Pt II)

Here is the second part of the top ten Fortune 500 companies you should check out. These companies are truly inspirational and motivational. They can motivate you to work harder to grow your company into a mega-corporation that employs literal thousands and provides services to many.

UnitedHealth Group

Top Ten Fortune 500 Companies (Pt II)
Top Ten Fortune 500 Companies (Pt II)

This remains to be the leading health insurance entity in the US. It is the biggest health insurance provider with millions of members and billions in returns. The only hiccup they are facing at the moment is the impending “Medicare for All” which is the primary campaign of the Democrats. This will put them out of the top.


This is currently the largest drug distribution company in America. The company greatly benefited from the rule of John Hammergren who led them to the top. Another factor that contributed to the company’s success is the increase in drug prices which then boosted the company’s revenues by about five percent. However, the company likewise experienced some turmoil because of a charge by a Canadian drugstore that the company acquired back in 2016. They are supposedly liable for the opioid epidemic in the country. They face lawsuit after lawsuit.

CVS Health

Top Ten Fortune 500 Companies (Pt II)
Top Ten Fortune 500 Companies (Pt II)

The current year is the biggest year so far for this famous company. They received a five percent increase in revenue and it also acquired Aetna for seventy billion. This company is actually based in Rhode Island and it started off as a normal retailer. Over the years, it noticed that its strength is the pharmacy business so they specialized in that. This company is likewise facing some threats in the looming “Medicare for All” project. Their stock prices also dropped as disapproving investors pulled out because of their association with Aetna.


This company remains to be the top service provider in the region and it is continuously broadening its services. It recently acquired time Warner for a hundred and four billion dollars and the deal entails many things, like adding cable programming and movie studio to HBO and CNN. This resulted in a revenue boost of about six percent in just a year. The only issue is that they’re being threatened with the loss of cord-cutters. The company is also affected by opposing media cultures that reflect on the telecommunications area. Their primary redeeming factor is their 5G cellular service project.


This company has 167.93 million dollars in revenue and this is a 9.7 percent boost from the previous year. Their profits also magnified by about three times and the company currently employs twenty thousand and five hundred people. This is a drug distribution company whose highs and lows are heavily reliant on drug prices and sales. The only backlash that the company is currently facing is the blame on its part in the country’s rampantly increasing opioid crisis.

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