Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles -

Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles

blue economy finance principles

The World Wide Fund for Nature, The European Commission, The World Resources Institute, and European Investment Bank started the first global framework of the world to finance a sustainable economy.

It was announced during the 5

It will help ensure that the Marine ecosystem remains preserved and there won’t be any major impact on the livelihood of the people who get their main source of income through the help of the ocean.

It is known as the sustainable blue economy finance principles. The fall of the members committed 2017 to our Ocean conference to support the sustainable blue economy.

What is the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative?

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The sustainable blue economy finance principles follow 14 principles in which seven of the principles were for sustainable investment and the other seven were mainly on the blue economy.

These principles help in following certain standards which will help in making a copy of the existing responsible investment and complying with the IFC performance standards along with the environmental and social principles & standards.

The blue economy finance principles will help ensure that the investment will help in making it sustainable for marine and coastal development. These things will ensure that the ecosystem will remain sustainable.

The main aim for the economy finance ministers was to focus on the engage insurers, investors, & banks. It helps in bringing out the sustainability of the whole Ocean-based industries to follow specific standards.

How Businesses Are Taking Blue Economy Finance Principles Seriously?

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Due to the specific changes in the existing frameworks of the industries, it helps in ensuring that old industries can focus on creating a sustainable Ocean environment.

It helps in ensuring that the older and traditional methods were changed in such a way that it can help in offering a better and safer environment for marine life to enhance sustainability.

Certain investments are made to ensure that it can no longer be a dream to work on preserving marine life.

What Are Some Known Threats To The Ocean?

Well, the general threat to Ocean life is the industrial waste which is unnecessarily released into the ocean. Instead of going for some other methods, certain industries avoid the safe methods and it can lead to many issues for Ocean life.

Many industries have led to the extinction of various Marine species and causing significant harm to Ocean life daily. By understanding the blue economy finance principles will help in taking necessary precautions to avoid such problems with other industries.


These are some of the information you should know about the blue economy finance principles. Every individual must understand the reasons to preserve marine life.

This collaborative movement helps in financing the ‘blue economy finance principles’. It is not only the right time to focus on the blue economy finance principles, but also helps during the most urgent times.

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