No More Messy Planner Looking for the Right Pen to Mark a Tasks in Your Planner with Stickers!

Stickers are very small in size but can play a huge role in it is used appropriately. Calendar symbol stickers are available in many different colors and it is almost available in everywhere. Highlighting can be a bit difficult and even if we do, we may forget why we marked it so important. Colors can be confusing but stickers are not. It acts as a little tool that gives you the detail of how important that plan or day is for you. Let’s know more about Calendar Symbol Stickers For Stationary Collection.

Calendar Symbol Stickers For Stationery Collection

Calendar symbol stickers are very unique, which work very effectively for your projects and events. These stickers are very useful to decorate any projects or cards, by pasting these stickers you can express your feelings without saying a word. And as these stickers are very colorful so that it makes your project or any cards very colorful, attractive, and decorative. The stickers are also made with a matte finish and you can easily take them off and paste it somewhere else. 

Here in this article, we will share some advantages and disadvantages of using these stickers. 

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  • Model Number: WOKO-TZ-LO1
  • Age: >3 YEARS OLD
  • Shape: basic calendar week plan date number
  • Material: transparent PVC
  • Characteristic: waterproof and die cut
  • Size: 11cm*16cm
  • Quantity: 8 sheets/lot
  • Pattern: number/week/useful words/small icons/year
  • Weight: 48.8g
  • Color: black and white
  • Style: functional simple
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  • These stickers are very easily repositionable and removable. Therefore, if you paste them in the wrong places by mistake you can remove them and paste them where it is needed. So, you can use them fearlessly, it will not destroy your whole project or decoration.
  • These stickers are very useful for those who are always very keen to decorate their works. So these are great for planners, scrapbooks, crafts, parties, teachers, and many more.
  • These decorative stickers are made with premium quality vinyl sticker material.
  • These are printed with such UV and water-resistant inks, that if waterfalls on your sticker or any liquid it does not harm the stickers or destroy the whole page. 
  • Calendar symbol stickers are created by graphics.
  • The stickers say it all, once you paste any symbol sticker it describes your whole thought. You do not need to express your feelings in words.
  • As stickers are always colorful, bright, and cheerful so it makes your project very eye-catching. 
  • Producing stickers are not a very expensive process. 
  • Customers can buy them at a very low price. 
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  • As you know these stickers are easily removable which can be considered as a pro but it can be a con on the other side. It all depends on how long you want your stickers to last. If it gets removed in an early stage but you want it to last long that can be a bit problematic. 


Calendar symbol stickers are smaller types of adhesives that can be black, white, or printed in any color. To decorate a project, scrapbook, or any cards and to give them meaning, these tiny stickers are very useful. 

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